Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell in any stores?

We sure do!  Find a list of our stockists here.


What do you mean by all natural?

We don't use any chemicals!  Our soap is detergent, artificial fragrance, and artificial dye free.


You don't use any artificial fragrance?  How does your soap smell like strawberry, cherry, coconut etc?

We are very excited to announce that we have sourced out all natural flavour extract to make our soap smell amazing, naturally!


No dye?  How do you colour your soap?

We use activated charcoal, cocoa, turmeric, beetroot powder, and many herbs and spices!


That heart!  It's so cute!

Ok, so not actually a question, but there's meaning behind that little heart.  In 2018, we lost Erica's mother.  She was a huge part of our business, and so we added a heart to all our soap in memory of her!



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