Rose & Marie

Our business began in early 2016, created on a foundation of love for all families and what goes on(in) their bodies. In November of 2016 we decided our love for our family should be reflected in what we are doing and so we became Rosemary Wellness. My daughter, Ava Rose (whose contagious giggles you won’t miss) and Marie, my grandmother who passed away in October 2016.


The soap with heart

As a new mother, my worries about what I was going to be putting on my baby's skin came to the forefront of my mind when I realized how many synthetic chemicals are in baby safe soaps. I spent hours searching for an all natural product that I was comfortable with and resorted to creating my own. During this creation process I’ve educated myself in regards to safe soap making processes, out sourced the highest quality of ingredients, and worked tirelessly to ensure that my soap is at its highest standard. It’s safe to say that the products you use in your home-are also used in mine.


During this time my mother, Michelle had been diagnosed with cancer. During her treatment, my mother spent countless hours with me-be it encouraging me to do and be better-as a new mom and new business owner, smelling new scents, trying new soaps, helping to wrap products, or just there to talk to me, Rosemary Wellness would not be here without her constant positivity and support towards my adventure. She was also a key role in helping develop our line of bath bombs. While I am able to say that her strength and perseverance kicked cancer, she passed away in October of 2018 from a cancer therapy induced illness. The heart you see on every bar of soap we sell is to honour her memory. My mother was the very definition of love. If you had the privilege of knowing her, you’ll know that every time you pick up your Rosemary Wellness Soap, a little bit of love and positivity will surround you.

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